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KELOLAND obituaries is a free service containing obituary listings for cities like Sioux Falls, Bookings, Rapid City and many more citys in South Dakota, Northwest IA, and Southwest Minnesota.
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Minnehaha Funeral Home Charlotte Ann Crisp 11/01/1961 07/30/2014 Dell Rapids SD
George Boom Funeral Home Steven W. Stinnett 04/28/1975 07/30/2014
Minnehaha Funeral Home Nina B. Christenson 12/03/1917 07/30/2014 Renner SD
George Boom Funeral Home Daniel Wayne Johnson 01/20/1951 07/29/2014 Sioux Falls SD
Wight, Comes & Sogn Funeral Chapel George Toth 06/27/1948 07/29/2014 Watertown SD
Kahler Funeral Home Daniel Danny Davis 11/19/1948 07/29/2014 Trent SD
George Boom Funeral Home Donna Haffner 03/07/1931 07/29/2014
Skroch Funeral Chapel Rose Schmid 08/19/1920 07/28/2014
Crawford Funeral Chapel Jerald G. 'Jerry' Messerschmidt 09/29/1946 07/28/2014 Watertown SD
Miller Funeral Home Mark T. Dahmen 01/05/1963 07/28/2014
Minnehaha Funeral Home Bruce Steven Nesheim 01/25/1951 07/28/2014 Brandon SD
George Boom Funeral Home Jay Albion Heath 11/30/1941 07/28/2014 Sioux Falls SD
Eidsness Funeral Home John H. Seidl 02/21/1957 07/28/2014 Volga SD
Eidsness Funeral Home Philip Eggers 03/31/1974 07/28/2014
Crawford Funeral Chapel Amy L. Fleeger 12/10/1965 07/27/2014 Watertown SD
Wight, Comes & Sogn Funeral Chapel Joseph B. 'Joe' Thiewes 01/06/1929 07/27/2014 Goodwin SD
Rudes Funeral home Glenn Clifford Miller 07/08/1929 07/27/2014 Brookings SD
Mundwiler Funeral Home Robert Allen Boone 05/30/1962 07/27/2014 Twin Brooks SD
Miller Funeral Home Avis Adair Week 03/03/1925 07/26/2014 Sioux Falls SD
Rudes Funeral home Helen Virginia Bechtold 08/18/1930 07/26/2014
Furness Funeral Home Walter Roger Pederson 05/15/1932 07/26/2014 Willow Lake SD
George Boom Funeral Home Helen V. Bechtold 08/18/1930 07/26/2014
Eidsness Funeral Home Thomas Cheesbrough 11/30/-0001 07/26/2014 Brookings SD
George Boom Funeral Home Ryder James Hillberg 07/20/2014 07/26/2014
Clausen Funeral Home Todd Edward Doyle 09/02/1967 07/26/2014 Martinsville IN
Rudes Funeral home Tracie Jo Rudloff Smith 08/04/1969 07/26/2014
Wight, Comes & Sogn Funeral Chapel Deanne (Mrs. Greg) Anderson 08/20/1966 07/25/2014 Watertown SD
Wass Funeral Home Lauris Christensen 02/02/1920 07/25/2014 Beresford SD
Miller Funeral Home Arlene F. Rosenkrans 05/21/1922 07/25/2014 Sioux Falls SD
Welter Funeral Home Jerry L Nelson 11/08/1938 07/25/2014 Huron SD
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