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KELOLAND obituaries is a free service containing obituary listings for cities like Sioux Falls, Bookings, Rapid City and many more citys in South Dakota, Northwest IA, and Southwest Minnesota.
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Behrens-Wilson Funeral Home Ward Alexander Cheney 06/27/1926 11/26/2014
George Boom Funeral Home Mark Skalland 07/07/1942 11/26/2014 Sioux Falls SD
Miller Funeral Home Gloria Mayette Taylor 05/10/1934 11/26/2014 Sioux Falls SD
Will Funeral Chapel Mabel Louise McEntee 10/25/1914 11/26/2014 Mitchell SD
Crawford Funeral Chapel Hazelle L. (Mrs. Gilbert) Bunde 11/27/1930 11/25/2014 Watertown SD
George Boom Funeral Home Mary Engelkes 01/03/1931 11/25/2014 Renner SD
Miller Funeral Home Frederick Owen Clifton 06/27/1945 11/25/2014 Sioux Falls SD
Mason Funeral Home Ervin Earl Anderson 05/21/1929 11/25/2014
Crawford Funeral Chapel Shirley E. Brandriet 10/02/1927 11/24/2014 Watertown SD
George Boom Funeral Home Kolon Bradfield 03/27/1951 11/24/2014
Kirk Funeral Home Shannan R Dowling 01/28/1975 11/24/2014
Welter Funeral Home Moe Maw 01/01/1917 11/24/2014 Huron SD
Kirk Funeral Home Oscy Bottjen 12/18/1987 11/24/2014
Crawford Funeral Chapel Marilyn S. (Mrs. Bob) Day 09/22/1946 11/23/2014 Watertown SD
Mount Funeral Home William Louis 'Bill' McGregor 02/27/1929 11/23/2014 Kimball SD
Miller Funeral Home Theresa O'Dea 05/08/1928 11/23/2014 Sioux Falls SD
George Boom Funeral Home Kevin William Duggan 11/30/1959 11/23/2014 Pierre SD
George Boom Funeral Home Ruth Kuhnert 09/05/1925 11/22/2014 Sioux Falls SD
Miller Funeral Home Thomas Wayne Theobald 11/06/1951 11/22/2014 Sioux Falls SD
Will Funeral Chapel Geneva Irene Dossow 02/16/1920 11/22/2014 Mitchell SD
George Boom Funeral Home Carol Feltis 08/20/1960 11/22/2014
Kirk Funeral Home Frances May Noble 12/18/1919 11/22/2014 Rapid City SD
Mason Funeral Home Darrell Lee Meiners 02/23/1944 11/22/2014 Winner SD
Mount Funeral Home Ralph Emil Nachtigal 12/07/1933 11/22/2014 Platte SD
Kirk Funeral Home Miranda Carrasco 10/06/1975 11/22/2014 Rapid City SD
Eidsness Funeral Home Patti L. Monahan 08/04/1934 11/21/2014
Wight, Comes & Sogn Funeral Chapel Evelyn L. Hanson (widow of Glenn) 04/25/1918 11/21/2014 Watertown SD
Wass Funeral Home Margaret L. Hartman 07/14/1928 11/21/2014 Alcester SD
Eidsness Funeral Home Dolores "Dolly" Olive Brage 08/05/1923 11/21/2014 Brookings SD
Miller Funeral Home LeRoy Bruner 01/28/1930 11/21/2014
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