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KELOLAND obituaries is a free service containing obituary listings for cities like Sioux Falls, Bookings, Rapid City and many more citys in South Dakota, Northwest IA, and Southwest Minnesota.
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George Boom Funeral Home Marcene M. Eggebraaten 05/15/1918 04/24/2014 Sioux Falls SD
Miller Funeral Home Leora "Tootie" Marie Hamilton 07/20/1932 04/24/2014 Sioux Falls SD
Welter Funeral Home Oliver Otto Zimmerman 02/25/1925 04/24/2014 Woonsocket SD
Kirk Funeral Home Richard D. Marquardt Jr. 05/21/1937 04/23/2014 Rapid City SD
Eidsness Funeral Home Dolly Christine Ponto 01/13/1932 04/23/2014 Elkton SD
Geise Funeral Home Bernice M. Swanson 07/17/1914 04/23/2014 Lake Norden SD
George Boom Funeral Home Max Logan Gildemaster 10/21/1997 04/23/2014 Sioux Falls SD
Eidsness Funeral Home Helen Simmons 05/12/1918 04/22/2014 White SD
Welter Funeral Home Wade Parkhurst Fuller 12/01/1952 04/22/2014 Huron SD
Kirk Funeral Home Kenneth Ray Gardner 05/06/1944 04/22/2014 Hill City SD
Kirk Funeral Home Clayton "Steve" Martin DeVries 09/15/1937 04/22/2014 Box Elder SD
Rudes Funeral home Norbert Lyle Syrstad 07/24/1926 04/21/2014 Brookings SD
Kirk Funeral Home Irvin Evans 11/02/1921 04/21/2014 Brighton CO
Eidsness Funeral Home William "Bill" Phillips 08/29/1937 04/21/2014 Brookings SD
Wight, Comes & Sogn Funeral Chapel Tammy Ness 09/05/1963 04/20/2014 Watertown SD
Wight, Comes & Sogn Funeral Chapel Robert L. 'Bob' Stillson 02/02/1929 04/20/2014 Watertown SD
Kuhler Funeral Home Wendall Danielson 03/12/1926 04/20/2014 Huron SD
Furness Funeral Home Leonard J Christensen 11/30/1940 04/20/2014 Carpenter SD
George Boom Funeral Home Valetta Mae Haigh 05/19/1933 04/20/2014 Sioux Falls SD
Minnehaha Funeral Home Blance Marie Peterson 09/24/1930 04/20/2014 Baltic SD
Minnehaha Funeral Home Maxine Amundson 04/17/1933 04/20/2014 Northfield MN
Wass Funeral Home Clayton "Lefty" Snedeker 03/30/1940 04/20/2014 Alcester SD
George Boom Funeral Home Janice Olsen 02/07/1942 04/19/2014 Sioux Falls SD
Mount Funeral Home Adeline (Van Zee) Vanden Bos 06/10/1926 04/19/2014 Corsica SD
Furness Funeral Home John J Johannsen 03/08/1941 04/19/2014 Raymond SD
Miller Funeral Home LeRoy W. Gliege 01/09/1927 04/19/2014 Sioux Falls SD
Miller Funeral Home Mary Jean Swedlund 02/28/1945 04/19/2014 Sioux Falls SD
Crawford Funeral Chapel Richard D. 'Rick' Christopherson 02/02/1935 04/19/2014 Watertown SD
Furness Funeral Home Janice Ruth Kolden 06/08/1939 04/18/2014 Clark SD
Minnehaha Funeral Home Mary J. Svendsen 01/23/1943 04/18/2014 Trent SD
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