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KELOLAND obituaries is a free service containing obituary listings for cities like Sioux Falls, Bookings, Rapid City and many more citys in South Dakota, Northwest IA, and Southwest Minnesota.
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Mason Funeral Home Donnalee Joan Frantz 03/01/1934 08/15/2017 Ideal SD
George Boom Funeral Home Orlie E. Hjellming 07/10/1931 08/14/2017
Miller Funeral Home Joyce A. Boldt 05/02/1932 08/14/2017
Kahler Funeral Home Eugene Gene Larson 10/20/1936 08/14/2017 Crooks SD
Mount Funeral Home Helen Jean (Carda) Van Zee 09/29/1942 08/14/2017 Platte SD
Welter Funeral Home Marvin G. Tompkins 11/14/1936 08/14/2017 Huron SD
George Boom Funeral Home Kenneth R. Munce 10/13/1922 08/14/2017 Fountain Hills AZ
Miller Funeral Home Marvin Martin Mielke 10/15/1923 08/14/2017 Hartford SD
Geise Funeral Home Bert Brandsrud 07/17/1938 08/14/2017 Estelline SD
Miller Funeral Home Michael Myron Philippi 02/03/1951 08/14/2017
Kirk Funeral Home Kevin Roy Kuhfeld 11/11/1953 08/13/2017 Rapid City SD
Furness Funeral Home Marcella M Gross 02/22/1943 08/13/2017
Miller Funeral Home Karla Jean Feltman 08/14/1954 08/13/2017
Wight & Comes Funeral Chapel Virginia Emma Mills 06/11/1910 08/13/2017 Watertown SD
George Boom Funeral Home Lynn W. Howe 11/11/1936 08/13/2017 Brandon SD
Mount Funeral Home Patrick Lee Mayclin 02/06/1940 08/12/2017 Plankinton SD
Hofmeister-Jones Funeral Home Marlyn Rand 10/18/1925 08/12/2017 Marion SD
Skroch Funeral Chapel John R. Kramer 08/15/1934 08/12/2017
Kirk Funeral Home Brenda Marie Hague 11/04/1960 08/12/2017
Kirk Funeral Home Mary Ann Wold 01/27/1930 08/12/2017 Rapid City SD
Kahler Funeral Home William Bill Boyda 04/19/1940 08/11/2017 Sioux Falls SD
Clausen Funeral Home Agnes Emma Jensen 07/15/1917 08/11/2017
Miller Funeral Home Steven T. Beck 12/18/1959 08/11/2017
Miller Funeral Home Robert Raymond Taylor 02/10/1931 08/11/2017 Sioux Falls SD
George Boom Funeral Home Leroy O. Kapsch 08/09/1935 08/11/2017
Hofmeister-Jones Funeral Home Greg Malin 12/27/1959 08/11/2017 Viborg SD
Miller Funeral Home Steven Robert Donahue 06/19/1948 08/11/2017 Sioux Falls SD
Eidsness Funeral Home Louise Lena Ida Oppelt 12/15/1915 08/10/2017 Brookings SD
Hofmeister-Jones Funeral Home Keith Christopherson 02/08/1928 08/10/2017 Viborg SD
Hofmeister-Jones Funeral Home Kathleen Burns 12/06/1947 08/10/2017 Sioux Falls SD
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