Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t find an obituary I’m looking for.

Obituaries must be posted by the funeral home handling services. Tell them about Keloland Obituaries! It is a free service.

I noticed a mistake on an obituary.

Obituaries are input by the funeral homes that participate in the Keloland Obituaries. The accuracy of the information at Keloland Obituaries is maintained by the funeral homes that enter the information. If you do notice an error, contact the funeral home so they can correct it.

I am a Funeral Director and I want to join Keloland Obituaries.

Keloland Obituaries is a FREE service for its vistors and Funeral Directors. To sign up, click here.

The obituary information looks different from obituary to obituary.

Obituaries are formatted according to the preference of each funeral home. Some maybe very specific, some may have you contact the funeral home directly for more information.

How far back do you post obituaries?

That depends on when firms started registering information on the site. The first Firms started posting obituary information in August of 2008. Others have been added since that time.

What communities are covered by KELOLAND Obituaries?

The number of communities grows each day. If you watch KELOLAND Television, obituaries from your area and throughout KELOLAND should be made available to you. All funeral homes have to do is post the name, date of birth and date of death on the website along with their web address and the entire obituary will post automatically. If you would like this service, please contact your funeral home directly.

I noticed a famous person's obituary. Why?

From time to time as a public service the funeral homes that we get our data from will add a famous persons obituary. This does not mean that the person died in KELOLAND, but that they were famous and that the obituary is something that people would want to read.

How do I contact the Area Obituaries webmaster?

Email the webmaster.