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KELOLAND obituaries is a free service containing obituary listings for cities like Sioux Falls, Bookings, Rapid City and many more citys in South Dakota, Northwest IA, and Southwest Minnesota.
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Welter Funeral Home Judy Kindle 07/24/1941 10/12/2019 Woonsocket SD
Wight & Comes Funeral Chapel Verna O. Hemmingson (widow of Pete) 10/12/2019 Watertown SD
Wight & Comes Funeral Chapel Eunice Hanthorn (widow of Melvin) 10/12/2019 Watertown SD
Hofmeister-Jones Funeral Home Karolyn Cundy 01/23/1947 10/11/2019 Monroe SD
Miller Funeral Home Nancy A. Kalb 10/08/1943 10/11/2019 Hartford SD
Miller Funeral Home Sandra Kay Kampen 02/05/1939 10/11/2019 Sioux Falls SD
Wass Funeral Home Iva Siemers 02/10/1917 10/11/2019 Alcester SD
Kuhler Funeral Home Florence B. Hesse 09/28/1930 10/11/2019 Huron SD
Miller Funeral Home Marion E. Roos 05/26/1926 10/11/2019 Sioux Falls SD
Welter Funeral Home Joan Currier 06/11/1930 10/11/2019 Huron SD
Welter Funeral Home Darla Decker 04/16/1956 10/11/2019 Huron SD
Crawford-Osthus Funeral Chapel Elizabeth L. Schaefer 03/11/1933 10/11/2019 Aberdeen SD
Minnehaha Funeral Home James Martin Huntimer 10/22/1927 10/10/2019 Dell Rapids SD
Furness Funeral Home Grace LaVerne White 12/02/1923 10/10/2019 Clark SD
Miller Funeral Home Linda Jane Peterson 06/02/1948 10/09/2019
George Boom Funeral Home Amy Kathleen Harmon 07/30/1970 10/09/2019 Sioux Falls SD
Mason Funeral Home Alvin Kalenda 11/28/1934 10/09/2019 Winner SD
Crawford-Osthus Funeral Chapel Eldon D. Petersen 04/18/1937 10/09/2019 Watertown SD
George Boom Funeral Home Donita Marie Kindt 08/24/1952 10/09/2019 Sioux Falls SD
Miller Funeral Home Joyce Hodges 05/21/1930 10/09/2019 Sioux Falls SD
Wass Funeral Home Noble Nelson Jr. 05/25/1929 10/09/2019 Centerville SD
Hofmeister-Jones Funeral Home Denise Finnell 05/29/1964 10/09/2019 Lennox SD
Behrens-Wilson Funeral Home Annabelle McDaniels 04/12/1926 10/09/2019
Weiland Funeral Chapel Robert 'Bob' Klassy 11/17/1922 10/08/2019
Welter Funeral Home Rodney Leyendecker 12/14/1945 10/08/2019 Huron SD
Miller Funeral Home Doretta L. Helgerson 08/05/1930 10/08/2019
Mason Funeral Home Mary Jane Kaplan 11/23/1923 10/08/2019 Winner SD
Minnehaha Funeral Home David Lee Singsaas 12/21/1941 10/07/2019 Renner SD
Hickey Funeral Chapel Dwayne L. Leiferman 05/29/1931 10/07/2019 Chamberlain SD
George Boom Funeral Home Patricia Ann 'Pat' Schramm 10/03/1958 10/07/2019 Rowena SD
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