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KELOLAND obituaries is a free service containing obituary listings for cities like Sioux Falls, Bookings, Rapid City and many more citys in South Dakota, Northwest IA, and Southwest Minnesota.
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Wass Funeral Home Michael G. Seivert 08/05/1947 12/05/2017
Geise Funeral Home Kenneth E. Goeman 04/22/1934 12/05/2017 Estelline SD
Clausen Funeral Home Wade Alan Andrews Sr. 09/13/1978 12/05/2017
Kirk Funeral Home Mary Lee Harkin 01/08/1948 12/05/2017 Hermosa SD
Miller Funeral Home Ernie Harris 01/20/1946 12/05/2017 Sioux Falls SD
Will Funeral Chapel Iola Jean Digerness 01/24/1933 12/04/2017 Mitchell SD
Hofmeister-Jones Funeral Home William 'Bill' Weegar 07/02/1938 12/04/2017 Parker SD
Kuhler Funeral Home Duane ONeal 03/09/1947 12/04/2017 Wessington SD
Eidsness Funeral Home Andrew "Andy" Van Dyke 10/10/1931 12/04/2017
George Boom Funeral Home Lowell Larson 08/22/1931 12/04/2017 Sioux Falls SD
Kirk Funeral Home Dennis Clement LaBelle 04/17/1940 12/04/2017
Miller Funeral Home Ryan Matthew Potratz 01/06/1992 12/04/2017 Sioux Falls SD
Kirk Funeral Home Jonathon Jay Smits 11/27/1982 12/04/2017
Geise Funeral Home MayDelle M.E. Boadwine 08/17/1930 12/04/2017 Lake Norden SD
Rudes Funeral home Thomas F. Martin 12/04/1940 12/04/2017 Brookings SD
Rudes Funeral home James Alfred Vincent 03/08/1920 12/04/2017
Will Funeral Chapel Melvin C. Barington 12/09/1938 12/04/2017 Mitchell SD
Skroch Funeral Chapel Beverly Nace 04/05/1922 12/03/2017
Crawford-Osthus Funeral Chapel Lucille E. Ehlers 01/02/1921 12/03/2017 Watertown SD
Wight & Comes Funeral Chapel Augusta H. (widow of Eugene) Krause 10/02/1921 12/03/2017 Watertown SD
Miller Funeral Home Dennis Ross Zea 10/24/1937 12/03/2017 Sioux Falls SD
Miller Funeral Home William Clayton Etheridge 02/07/1938 12/03/2017
Kirk Funeral Home Archie Leonard Wessel 08/28/1927 12/03/2017
Mason Funeral Home Lois Baker 02/07/1928 12/03/2017
Kirk Funeral Home Velmabelle Cornford 10/05/1932 12/03/2017
Furness Funeral Home David J Brimer 04/03/1936 12/02/2017
Miller Funeral Home Aquileia "Squeak" Jaeger 11/30/1932 12/02/2017 Sioux Falls SD
Miller Funeral Home Craig J. Martinek 01/17/1955 12/02/2017 Sioux Falls SD
Mason Funeral Home Jeannette Long 06/01/1932 12/02/2017 Winner SD
Hofmeister-Jones Funeral Home Margaret Eckhoff 07/16/1925 12/02/2017 Sioux Falls SD
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