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KELOLAND obituaries is a free service containing obituary listings for cities like Sioux Falls, Bookings, Rapid City and many more citys in South Dakota, Northwest IA, and Southwest Minnesota.
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George Boom Funeral Home David Carl Stiles 08/12/2019 08/12/2019 Sioux Falls SD
Hofmeister-Jones Funeral Home Ronnie Young 12/24/1945 08/12/2019 Hurley SD
Miller Funeral Home Marion E. Baughman 08/18/1925 08/11/2019 Sioux Falls SD
Will Funeral Chapel Albert Thiry 07/20/1927 08/11/2019 White Lake SD
George Boom Funeral Home Robert L. 'Bob' Hagmann 11/05/1935 08/11/2019 Dickinson ND
Skroch Funeral Chapel Larry J. Hanson 02/14/1956 08/11/2019
Miller Funeral Home Chloe Noel Stokes 10/22/1996 08/11/2019 Newport OR
Crawford-Osthus Funeral Chapel Michael G. 'Mike' Dylla 05/27/1955 08/11/2019 Watertown SD
Miller Funeral Home Chloe` N. Stokes 10/22/1996 08/11/2019 Newport OR
Wight & Comes Funeral Chapel Doug Neuendorf 08/10/2019 Watertown SD
Kirk Funeral Home Fern Hunt 05/22/1931 08/10/2019
Hickey Funeral Chapel Cathy Zeman 10/09/1955 08/10/2019 Vermillion SD
Welter Funeral Home Gary A. Timm 06/21/1951 08/10/2019 Wolsey SD
Welter Funeral Home Dianne Sammons 05/02/1946 08/09/2019 Huron SD
Kirk Funeral Home Patrick 'Pat' Keefe 08/18/1933 08/09/2019 Rapid City SD
Kirk Funeral Home William 'Bill' Watson 07/04/1928 08/09/2019
Hickey Funeral Chapel Cleo Donna Binder 04/02/1940 08/09/2019 Fort Thompson SD
Furness Funeral Home DuWayne Allen Wallen 12/01/1933 08/08/2019 Clark SD
Wight & Comes Funeral Chapel Joylene Joan 'Joy' Kjetland 08/08/2019 Watertown SD
George Boom Funeral Home Jeremy Lee Halstenson 12/04/1974 08/08/2019 Sioux Falls SD
Mount Funeral Home Gertrude Josephine Steffens 03/09/1924 08/08/2019 Geddes SD
Furness Funeral Home Ann L. Ludwig 10/05/1938 08/08/2019 Watertown SD
Furness Funeral Home Calvin D. Schoepp 07/04/1927 08/08/2019 Watertown SD
Mount Funeral Home Phillip Edward 'Phil' Konechne 09/23/1932 08/08/2019 Kimball SD
Miller Funeral Home Dale D. Gabel 02/22/1929 08/08/2019 Sioux Falls SD
Chapel Hill Funeral Home & Crematory Esther Clauson 01/14/1920 08/08/2019
Wass Funeral Home Russell M. Christensen 04/18/1921 08/08/2019 Viborg SD
Wight & Comes Funeral Chapel Ardis Susanna Zirbel Sweezo 08/08/2019 Watertown SD
George Boom Funeral Home Leonard Daryl Sweet 01/02/1940 08/08/2019 Sioux Falls SD
Kirk Funeral Home Karen L. Haaland 10/14/1948 08/08/2019 Rapid City SD
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